Whether your requirements are standard or a special request per your specification, we machine hundreds of different pins configurations, with quality control on finishes, threads, diameters, coatings and burr-free edges.

Our extensive range of fastener products will help you to find the right solutions for you and your customers.

In this page you can find just some of our capabilities, please feel free to send us your request with your part number or drawing, sketch or description and our sales department will be more than glad to help you.

View our production samples.

We supply:

  • Groove Pins
  • Dowel
  • Knurled Pins
  • Slotted & Coiled Spring Pins

Also the following specs:

  • AN, MS
  • AN380
  • AN385-386
  • MS20392
  • MS9047
  • MS9048
  • MS9164
  • MS16562
  • MS39086
  • MS171401/171900

We carry precision straight and headless manufactured in all common and special materials in large or small quantities to fit your needs and design specification.